My background as a polar sailor, sports educator, sophrologist combined with an equal passion for the sea and human potential naturally led me to work in athletes mental training. It was another ocean explorer, multi holder of world records in freediving, who first told me about Patrick McKeown. This encounter with the OxygenAdvantage method was revealing… Because I realized that my breathing wasn’t quite functional despite a sporting life spent outdoors and the interest I had in breathing. Functional breathing has allowed me to overcome recurrent sinusitis since early childhood. I literally discovered a form of comfort in breathing that I had never experienced before. There is a strong link between functional breathing and performance, whether physical or mental. The OxygenAdvantage method allows athletes and non-athletes to improve their overall living comfort. 

I am teaching OA method both online and face to face in English or French.
My clients are mainly competitive and recreational athletes but I’m still open to others. Do not hesitate to take contact.
Group lessons are also possible in person or online, please follow the program of our OA proposals (coming soon)
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“As for the future, it is not a question of predicting it but of making it possible”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Olivier Pitras


0047 993 62 570

Oxygen Advantage certified instructor.
Certified sophrologist specialization in athletes’ mental training.

According to the code of ethics of the profession, the sophrologist is bound by strict professional secrecy.

1 hour: Nok 1000,- /pers
1 hour group: Nok 250,- /pers