Ski and Sailing Week in the Lyngen Alps

Ski and Sailing Week in the Lyngen Alps

In Norway, mountains and the sea interlace endlessly to form a labyrinth of fjords, which are the ideal place to practice joint activities linked to these two very different elements. The unusual alliance of the sea and mountains only makes sense here. So what’s more natural than to step onboard a sailing boat for a week of touring ski ?

Registration for this stay is validated by the payment of 40% deposit.
The balance is due 30 days before departure.

Pay a deposit 1645 EUR Balance payment will be required on April 21, 2023

3290 EUR

4,8 / 5
4,7 / 5


Welcome aboard an unforgettable journey !

The Lyngen Alps stretch North to South over more than 80 kilometers. Their snowy slopes hurtle down to the peaceful waters of Ullfjord to the West and Lyngenfjord to the East. In this area and the neighboring islands, you will discover a new ski trek everyday, organized in accordance with weather and snow conditions and the group’s technical level. The navigation area is protected from the great offshore swell, so much so that you will often have the impression of being on a high-altitude lake rather than at the sea.

In this idyllic setting, our crew of professional instructors (high-mountain guide and high-sea guide) will handle logistics, so that you may enjoy each site fully, with all safety and comfort.

The interface between the sea and mountains leaves no room for improvisation. The combination of sea and mountain activities requires excellent knowledge of the field and a close collaboration within the “sea/mountain” team.


The package includes not only a first-rate floating chalet and the resources of a high-mountain guide, we also insure, point by point, all aspects for a successful journey. For example, the simple fact of landing with wet feet means you’re out for the coming ski trek. We make sure this and many other little things don’t happen. We are living in the area all year round, we know local ways and customs, as well as the constraints imposed by the activities we organize. We undeniably bring that huge little extra to the groups who come to us and fully trust our vigilance.



The price includes :

The whole guided ski & sailing trip from Saturday 7pm to Saturday 9am

The price does not include:

Flights, transfers from and to airport, personal insurance, repatriation, cancellation.

This stay is available in private mode.


Program of the trip

Weeks stretch from Saturday to Saturday. Boarding is at 7 pm, disembarking is at 9 am.

Each day, you will land with your guide on the beach, at the foot of the slope. You will put on your skis at the bank and you won’t take them off until you reach the water again. It is possible to run 6 treks in the course of one week, weather conditions permitting. We have selected 20 treks which run back and forth, in a loop or from point A to point B: each is tailored to give the group a top satisfaction.

As the snow remains stable throughout the day, it is not necessary to land in the middle of the night. The trek takes place in full day from beginning to the end. After a solid breakfast, you will take off to the mountain. Expect to go up 800 to 1,400 meters. Upon your return, a sturdy ”lunch” will be served to allow you to wait until the evening’s meal. In general, we sail to the following trek site in the late afternoon. Our cockpit is covered: this means you may help with steering and participate in navigation maneuvers, if you wish, without suffering from the weather.

Every night, we will be moored at anchor or docked at a pier. That will be the moment to enjoy a hot shower and a good night sleep. As for evenings, our traveling base camp offers all the comfort and warmth you may be wishing for in an arctic clime. Clothing, slippers and skins are stretched out every evening in the drying area. ”Southern Star” is based year-round in Tromsø. Consequently, the technical preparation of the boat and all her safety gear is adapted to the polar regions. For this journey, you won’t need to worry about cooking, which will be handled by our cook.


Practical Information

Personal gear you will need to bring along

Skis and fastenings, batons, shoes, knives, avalanche transceiver, spade, probe, crampons, ice axe (not required), harness, 2 screw lock carabiners, seal skins in good shape.

For the treks: gloves, muffs, ski mask, Goretex. Temperatures may be low, so come with warm clothing. Of course, we have a first aid kit, but it’s a good idea to take along the one that “never leaves your bag”.

For the evenings: slippers, extra dry clothing. To step on the deck, a warm waterproof jacket.

Think of bringing enough power bars. Each of us has his/her own habits and personal preferences with respect to power bars, so we do not supply them.

Transportation of ski gear

SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) has a special 20 Euro ski fee (special luggage).

Technical ski, sailing level and physical condition:

Ski : to organize coherently the group according to level, each participant must:

  • be a good skier in all snow conditions,
  • be comfortable with conversions to steep slopes,
  • have a good experience of trek skiing,
  • be able to climb up 800 to 1,400 meters every day.

Sailing : level initiation to the maritime environment, beginners are acccepted.


All treks are led exclusively by licenced and experienced high-mountain guide (several treks cross over a glacier).

For the sailing part, an initiation or more depending of your level, in night navigation, lights, radar, weather forecast, choice of anchorage, steering and life on board a sailing boat in cold and isolated areas.

When daylight and temperature will increase, we will be able to set sail and go through basic manoeuvers.


Accommodation aboard our sailboat Southern Star

  • Capacity: 10 team mates
  • 5 cabins
  • 3 WC
  • 1 shower
  • 2 cabins with bunk beds and 3 with juxtaposed berths (double bunks). Each double berth can be separated by a separation plate, thereby individualize space.


program 2023 :

Every week  from Saturday, March 4th to Saturday, April 29th
From Saturady 19h00 to the next Saturday 09h00


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