Sophrology and nature in Sommaroy, Tromso, hiking, kayaking, cycling

A great opportunity to discover the sophrology in a context of invigorating and rejuvenating outdoor activities.
From July 5 to August 22 2024

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Registration for this stay is validated by the payment of 40% deposit.
The balance is due 30 days before departure.

Pay a deposit 116 EUR Balance payment will be required on June 19, 2024

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The archipelago of Sommarøy and its surroundings drives you feeling good  by nature .

This is a great opportunity to discover the sophrology in a context of invigorating and rejuvenating outdoor activities.

The group includes 10 people maximum + a guide for outdoor activities and a sophrologist.

This stay is designed for lovers of wild nature who want to enjoy space and time, without rush. It takes place in stars from our eco-lodge, base camp and starting point of daily activities.

Sophrology is a discipline that can be practiced on a daily basis. Thus practiced, it makes it possible to act preventively on many functional disorders. Physical and mental health is a natural thing that is increasingly difficult to maintain in our societies. Our Western conditioning pushes us to use the techniques of well-being when things go wrong. You make an appointment with the doctor when you’re sick, don’t you? The tools of sophrology practiced on a daily basis, make it possible to anticipate and find a balance between body and mind, to know oneself better, to accept oneself as one is. This global approach promotes the general balance, clarifies our needs and frustrations while removing this unpleasant feeling of being bogged down and not getting out of it. Compromises are assumed, blocking points pointed out. We no longer sweep the dust under the carpet. Thus, the choices are easier. This holistic approach can avoid the damage of excessive stress that always arises from a conflict between reality and what we would like it to be. It is never too late to start 🙂 This is a vast program that it is illusory to be able to accomplish in five days. This introductory course in psycho-behavioral sophrology allows, thanks to the first tools, to start the path.

Every day, the guide will offer you a new adventure. You will discover the surrounding massifs and fjords by sailing kayak, bike or hiking depending on the weather and the aspirations of the group.

The small island of Sommarøy, on the west coast of Kvaløya, lies in the heart of a beautiful area protected from offshore swell by natural barriers to turquoise waters. At the edge of the fjords and the open sea, it is the domain of otters, puffins and fish eagles. The white sandy beaches give a curious tropical touch to these steep and wild landscapes.

The hiking possibilities are vast. There is something for all tastes and all levels.

The price includes:
The full stay from Friday evening to Thursday morning with full board, marine insurance.

The price does not include:
air, personal insurance, assistance, repatriation, cancellation, airport transfers*.

*Note: We offer a free airport shuttle at 8pm for participants who arrive by plane after the last bus has departed.
Please register by email
Find out more about how to get to us in Sommarøy

This stay is available in private mode.





For those arriving with their own transport or with the last bus from the airport, we look forward to meeting you on Friday at 6pm at our eco-lodge in Sommarøy. For others who arrive by plane after the last bus and have signed up for the free shuttle, we look forward to meeting you on Friday at 20:00 at Tromsø Langnes Airport.
Arrival in Sommarøy at 6 pm or 9 pm depending on the case, dinner and check-in in our ecolodge for the 6 nights of the stay.

From Saturday to Wednesday, the program is not fixed and will be decided in real time according to the conditions of the moment in order to optimize the discovery of the immense and generous surrounding nature.  Sophrology activities are scheduled at the center but can also be integrated into a day if the conditions allow the practice of sophrology in the field. Whether by kayaking, cycling or walking, you can enjoy walks, viewpoints or moments of contemplation that will undoubtedly leave you with unforgettable memories.

We are also planning a day off where everyone can go about their business freely. During this day, there will be the possibility, for those who wish, to join the activities of the center, to return to specific points in sophrology or simply stay at the lodge or around to read or stroll.

Thursday morning after breakfast, departure to the airport by bus or free shuttle bus for those who need to be at the airport before the bus arrives.

Practical informations

Practical informations

How to reach us in Sommarøy?

Those who arrive by their own means: see Google Maps at the bottom of the page to locate us (by clicking on the address) 🙂

From Tromsø:

BUS: We recommend that you use public transport.
Tromsø / Sommarøy: The last bus departs from Tromsø Airport (Tromsø lufthavn) at 16:25 and from Tromsø city centre (prosteneset havnterminal Tromsø) at 16:15.
Sommarøy / Tromsø: For the return journey, the first bus departs from Sommarøy (Sommarøy baptistkirka) at 7:54 am and arrives at the airport at 9:27 am and the last bus leaves from Sommarøy at 1:52 pm and arrives at the airport at 3:52 pm. the bus stop “Sommarøy baptistkirka” is 50 meters away from our center. Tromsø / Sommarøy ticket price: 41 Nok (about 4€)
Search for timetables, enter “Tromsø Lufthavn” and “Sommarøy baptistkirka”

FREE SHUTTLE: For those who arrive by plane after the departure of the last bus and do not have their own transportation, we offer a free airport shuttle at 8pm. Please register by email on

We are 50 km from Tromsø Airport. Only one rotation is possible on arrival on Friday afternoon and on departure on Thursday morning. We therefore recommend, as much as possible, not to plan to arrive after 8 p.m. on Friday and to leave before 11 a.m. on Thursday.
If you are unable to meet the recommended range, please let us know your flight schedule so that we can notify other participants of any change in the shuttle schedule.

From Senja:

FERRY: Departs from Botnhamn (Senja Island), arrives at Brensholmen (Kvaløya Island). Sommarøy is only 7 km from the Brensholmen Ferry Terminal.


The 6 nights are at the eco-lodge, in a double room, bunk beds or juxtaposed.

Meals, breakfasts, dinners, picnics are prepared by our cook.

This stay is supervised by Olivier in sophrology and 1 English-speaking guide who will meet the wishes of the group so that this stay remains under the sign of relaxing outdoor activities.

Materials provided:
All the equipment specific to daily outings.
For kayaks, a double kayak (Hobie Tandem Island), a dry suit, 1 pair of Crocs to protect the waterproof suit slipper, waterproof bag for personal belongings, a life jacket.
For bicycles, helmets, pumps.

The 220 volt sockets are European standard.

Norway complies with European regulations in terms of roaming.

Personal equipment to be provided:
Small toiletry bag and personal pharmacy
Pocket knife
Cap with large visor or soft-brimmed hat to protect from the sun
Rain cape
Warm hat
Waterproof windproof set jacket and trousers (Goretex or Kway type)
Thick fleece fur jacket or small down jacket
Technical T-shirts long and short sleeves (quick drying)
Underwear (under sweater, long underpants) ideally in merino or synthetic (quick drying)
Warm gloves (quick drying)
Provide a waterproof case for your photo equipment on board the sailyaks.
Batteries in quantity needed for the week for your non-rechargeable equipment.
High-upper and waterproof walking shoes for wet grounds (early season).
Backpack for the gear of the day (30/40 liters, cabin luggage)
The walks are off trails, do not hesitate to take walking poles if necessary
5 or 6 pairs of “curl” warm socks
Insects repellent in case, even if we have few of them

Dates and registrations 2024

Dates and registrations

Arrival in Sommarøy on Friday evening
Departure from Sommarøy on Thursday morning

From Friday July 5 in the evening to Thursday July 11 in the morning
From Friday July 19 in the evening to Thursday July 25 in the morning
From Friday August 2 in the evening to Thursday August 8 in the morning
From Friday August 16 in the evening to Thursday August 22 in the morning


You can register on this page (card or bank transfer payments) or email (bank transfer payments only)

Online registration:
1- Choose on the calendar the date corresponding to the first day of the stay on which you wish to register
2- When you click on “I register” your basket appears at the top right of the page, click on it to access the payment platform.
3- 40% deposit is taken to validate your registration.
4- A “pending payment” balance sheet will then be stored in your customer account and must be paid no later than one month before the start of the activity. You will receive an email for each of the important steps of registration.

Email registration:
Please put the stay, the dates, your surnames, first names and those of other people you wish to register with you, mobile phone(s).

Keep in mind that behind the screen there are humans! In case of technical difficulty do not hesitate to contact.
Thank you for your trust and welcome on board 🙂


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