From making contact to sharing the activity, we favor a direct and authentic relationship with each of our interlocutors. 

“Since 2002, successive Southern Star campaigns have taken us to northern lands where ice and polar bears are kings. These 17 years of discovery and enchantment have allowed many to share with us a fascinating world and to discover unreal landscapes and atmospheres by letting yourself be guided by a professional and curious team. This period allowed us to have a lot of fun from Spitsbergen to the Bering Strait learning every day about nature and shared human experiences.” Olivier Pitras.


Since 2015 69Nord Outdoor Center’s team welcomes those who wish to discover the north of Norway by taking advantage of our passion and experience of the Far North.

Our team of professional sports educators oscillates between 3 and 13 people depending on the moment and the expeditions. All our employees are passionate, experts in their respective fields. They have extensive experience with natural environments.


The total success of your Norwegian holiday

True to our philosophy, the 69NORD SOMMARØY OUTDOOR CENTER formulas keep this level of requirements so that your Norwegian holiday north of the Arctic Circle is a complete success.

We take special care of all our “hand-sewn” stays which has allowed us to build over the years, an excellent reputation in the world of tourism and polar expeditions. Our service takes into account the comfort, safety, relevance and maintenance of the equipment on the one hand, and authenticity, atmosphere and field expertise on the other hand without ever forgetting the sobriety aspects in terms of empact on nature.

69NORD is a member of the Norwegian Guarantee Fund for Tourism Operators.