All the stays we present online are the result of 45 years of experience dedicated to adventure and outdoor tourism.

69Nord is a designer, producer and distributor of its travels.

By contacting our team directly, you are guaranteed a fast, precise, personalized response adapted to each of your requests. Our office allows you to relay information in real time with the field and can answer all your questions 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

© Knut Vibe


Mastering all the local tricks, we work hand in hand with universities, national parks and nature reserves, the Norwegian Polar Institute, WWF Arctic, the Ministry of Environment, Coast Guard, tourist offices.

Since the beginning of our activities in 2002, it is interesting to note that the activity has not suffered from any delays or complaints. Customer satisfaction is unanimous.


Our outdoor stays and activities meet a high degree of requirement. All equipment has been selected for its reliability and robustness. The choice of the machines themselves are based on the experience and constraints of the field above all.

We make no concessions to set up a foolproof organization and rigor, whatever the theme of the activity. This professionalism put at the service of sailing polar expeditions, allowed us to meet very ambitious challenges while maintaining comfort and safety at the forefront of our concerns.

© Evelyne Meyer
© Evelyne Meyer


Our expertise in the Arctic is high. This allows us to act in anticipation for the comfort and safety of the teams on the ground. Our knowledge of boreal fauna and flora is deepened. A great experience makes it possible to obtain the best in terms of observation.

The knowledge of the Arctic regions in general makes it possible to comment on Norway by the menu while restoring and comparing it to other regions. This overview is much appreciated.

Our participatory stays have been developed for a clientele usually having a busy professional activity, moments of relaxation are not forgotten.

There is no question of extremes whatever the activity.