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How to reach us in Sommarøy?


Those who arrive by their own means: see Google Maps at the bottom of the page to locate us (by clicking on the address) 🙂

From Tromsø:

BUS: We recommend that you use public transport.
Tromsø / Sommarøy: The last bus departs from Tromsø Airport (Tromsø lufthavn) at 16:25 and from Tromsø city centre (prosteneset havnterminal Tromsø) at 16:15.
Sommarøy / Tromsø: For the return journey, the first bus departs from Sommarøy (Sommarøy baptistkirka) at 7:54 am and arrives at the airport at 9:27 am and the last bus leaves from Sommarøy at 1:52 pm and arrives at the airport at 3:52 pm. the bus stop “Sommarøy baptistkirka” is 50 meters away from our center. Tromsø / Sommarøy ticket price: 41 Nok (about 4€)
Search for timetables, enter “Tromsø Lufthavn” and “Sommarøy baptistkirka”

FREE SHUTTLE: For those who arrive by plane after the departure of the last bus and do not have their own transportation, we offer a free airport shuttle at 8pm. Please register by email on

We are 50 km from Tromsø Airport. Only one rotation is possible on arrival on Friday afternoon and on departure on Thursday morning. We therefore recommend, as much as possible, not to plan to arrive after 8 p.m. on Friday and to leave before 11 a.m. on Thursday.
If you are unable to meet the recommended range, please let us know your flight schedule so that we can notify other participants of any change in the shuttle schedule.

From Senja:

FERRY: Departs from Botnhamn (Senja Island), arrives at Brensholmen (Kvaløya Island). Sommarøy is only 7 km from the Brensholmen Ferry Terminal.


Take flexible or semi-rigid luggage. The rooms of our eco-lodge are like boat cabins. There is everything you need to feel good but the spaces are limited. Advice also valid for participants in the kayak roaming stay.

Don’t forget:
Lip and face protection
Toiletry bag.

Careful! Sleeping is provided also in the roaming formula in Hobie sailing kayak.

Travel documents

Make sure, according to your nationality, that you meet all the necessary conditions for access to Norway: visa, passport, etc.

For European, no prior formalities are required before boarding. However, make sure that your passport is still valid (until your return date).

For Schengen nationals, a valid identity card is sufficient

It should be noted that Norway has not commented on the acceptance of expired identity cards. So make sure that the expiration date marked on your ID card is valid until your return date.

Physical condition 

A good general condition is required. The walks usually last 3 to 4 hours off the trail and range from 300 to 600 meters of elevation.

For Hobie Kayak, it is not necessary to have previous experience. This hybrid machine, very intuitive, allows you to have it in hand after only a few hours. The guide is a professional sports educator


Credit cards are accepted at all merchants. Oslo and Tromsø airports are equipped with ATMs. It is therefore not necessary to bring NOK (Norwegian kroner) before departure. Be aware there is no “Change Office” in Tromsø.

Photo, video

Provide spare batteries if they are not rechargeable. Even if the conditions are not extreme, it is terribly frustrating not to be able to take photos or images for a simple energy problem.
Norwegian sockets are compatible with most European sockets.

A screen installed in the main room allows you to connect a tablet or PC via HDMI or USB. It is sometimes interesting to be able to revisit scenes of the day.

Flights, custom, transit Oslo

For those travelling with SAS and Norwegian, it is no longer necessary to collect luggage in Oslo. Follow instructions given by flight staff or signs at the airport. A special door allows you to validate your name and baggage and comply with customs formalities without retrieving the luggage

For those travelling with other companies, you must collect your luggage to comply with customs formalities even if it is checked to destination. A special counter in the departure area allows them to be returned to the hold quickly (Drop Off).

In both cases allow at least one hour of stopover between two flights.

Mobile phone 

there is 3G and 4G network everywhere. The Norwegians have aligned themselves with European rules in terms of roaming. If you live in a European country, you will be able to use your mobile phones as at home within the limits of your data plan.

For others we advise you to contact your telephone operator so that you do not have any surprises when using your phone, especially data, from Norway.

Also keep in mind that a good break from communication networks will give more scope and charm to your stay north of the Arctic Circle 🙂

Individual insurance, cancelation

We strongly advise you to be up to date with your personal repatriation insurance and to take out cancellation insurance.