All our stays are available in private mode


With friends, colleagues or family, it is the ideal solution for those who wish to maintain their privacy while benefiting from a discounted rate.

The frame and philosophy of the stay does not change.
Our eco-lodge is also available for rent independently from October to April.

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Stay relax and nature in Sommarøy / 10 pers: 15500 €
Stay sophrology, relax and nature / 10 pers: 16000 €
Stay hiking and sailing with Hobie kayak / 8 pers: 11900 €
Stay snowshoes hiking Kvaløya, Senja from Sommarøy / 8 pers: 11950 €

Ski touring Kvaløya from Sommarøy /7 pers (guide included)  coming soon

Do you have a particular idea?

You are a sophrologist, relaxologist, yoga teacher, meditation teacher, etc … Do you want to come with your clients?  An additional discount will be granted to you on summer stays since you will take care of the support specific to your discipline. We’ll in charge of the rest, accomodation, foods, outdoor activities.

Do not hesitate to present your project, we will study it together.

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Tlf: +47 993 62 570