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Hobie kayaks are particularly safe and extremely well designed kayaks. Our stays are aboard 3-metre wide trimaran sailing kayaks. Capsizing on such a machine becomes extremely difficult. An adult can stand on the trampoline without disturbing the balance of the machine. Beginners will have beautiful sensations of gliding from the first moments. They will quickly learn to steer their Hobie kayak thanks to a brilliant overall ergonomics.

For guided outings or rental, our entire fleet is composed of Hobie kayaks “sit on top” particularly stable. For those who wish, we can add small floats that give the kayak a foolproof stability. The Norwegian kayak licence is not required to rent a Hobie kayak “sit on top”.

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Temperatures in northern Norway are relatively mild compared to latitude. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, sea level temperatures rarely drop below minus 10 minus 15 in winter and remain between 12 and 25 degrees in summer.

Regarding itinerant stays in sailing kayak, the equipment selected for the bivouac is of first quality. The activity in navigation makes it possible not to be cold and the steps are not long. The seats are located on the deck of the kayak which allows to be isolated from the water. 

It is obviously necessary to provide warm outfits, light and easy to dry in sufficient quantities. Even if temperatures are not extreme in northern Norway, the difference, especially in summer with the increasingly frequent heat waves, can still be significant. 

No, but you have to have a good general physical condition. People who love outdoor activities and who are able to climb + 300 meters on an off-trail stone, are quite ready to participate in our stays. Above all, you have to have the will to get involved so that everyone has the pleasure of creating the adventure.

We had teammates from 12 to 82 years old. There are no special limitations. Our stays are accessible to all those who love team spirit, who have a good general physical condition, who want to discover the wonders of the Norwegian Arctic while getting involved in the life of the group.

Hobie kayak: Beginners are accepted. The machine is easy to handle. The fact of being two on board makes it possible to put a beginner with a more experienced crew member during itinerant stays. Whatever it is, learning happens quickly. The guide can advise you permanently during the stay.

In summer, the temperature oscillates between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius (on sunny days, it can rise to 22/23 ° C), between minus 3 and plus 6 in autumn and plus 5 and minus 10 in winter.
In Tromso, the midnight sun lasts from May 22 to July 22 and the polar night from November 22 to January 22.

Yes, we provide sleeping bag, inner liner and camping mattress.

You can observe according to the seasons: harbour seal, otter, minke whale, humpback whale, fin whale, orca, white-billed lagenka, porpoise, reindeer, elk, arctic fox, arctic tern, white-tailed eagle, black guillemot, common eider, senator gull, gull bourgmestre, ptarmigan, puffin, dwarf hake, fulmar petrel, parasitic skuas, goose and brant … Keep in mind that we are in wild spaces and sightings are not guaranteed.

Yes, some operators offer cheaper stays. However, it is worth asking the question, why?

We make no concessions, neither to safety, nor to logistics, nor to the quality of the material. It is a matter of common sense acquired during our many polar expeditions. When a glitch arrives on the ground, you have to act quickly. It is at this price that a stay takes place in a serene way.

Since the creation of 69Nord, none of our stays have suffered the slightest accident or delay. Of course, we are not immune to an incident. In this case, field experience and preparation allow an appropriate response. All our guides hold a profesional education diploma for the sport they supervise. They have a lot of field experience. A trip to high latitudes is not conceived lightly.

We have chosen not to play the game of those who absolutely want to drive prices down to the detriment of safety and quality of equipment.

Security is not a marketing concept, nor is it just a matter of insurance.

For Sailing Kayaks activities, the Hobie Kayaks we put at your disposal are 10 times more expensive than traditional kayaks. These are top quality all-terrain vehicles ideal for the raids we offer. They allow you to go further, to carry more equipment, to widen the range of use according to the weather while maintaining undeniable safety and a lot of fun. 

For all activities, we keep this philosophy: professionalism, rigor, without forgetting the pleasure of sharing a great adventure. 


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