Why did we choose this type of kayak?

Our first approach to this stretch of wild coast in the Troms, was from an explorer’s and adventurer’s point of view. We had to find the most skillful way to access these secluded corners without disturbing the environment. It was also necessary to be able to maintain a level of pleasure in travel and comfort at the camp in all circumstances, without making any concessions to safety. A Hobie Kayak sailing, offers all this dimension.

Kayak 2 seater Hobie Tandem Islands

Our choice then fell on the 2-seater sailing kayak “Tandem Island” from Hobie Kayaks. Under this name, which evokes more the tropics and coconut trees than the Arctic Circle and the midnight suns, hides an expedition machine perfectly adapted to our needs.

It is solid, comfortable, stable and secure. This hybrid trimaran allows you to travel great distances by taking advantage of the wind or by moving thanks to the strength of the legs at about 3 knots without any effort. This mode of propulsion is particularly conducive to the Fjords. The load capacity in material is 100 kg, which allows a great autonomy.

The floats ensure flawless stability and the trampolines stretched between the connecting arms allow waterproof bags to be attached. The seat of the “pilots” is placed on the deck and thus remains isolated from cold water. The compartments of the central hull also allow equipment to be stored while guaranteeing high buoyancy.

Technical details of the Hobie Kayak 2-seater Kayak “Tandem Island”

All controls (furling, sail adjustment and rudder) are available from the 2 cockpits. This makes it easy to devote long moments to photography while continuing the road. Spaces are provided at hand for the equipment of 1st necessity (glasses, camera, gourds, cereal bar, etc.).

Although the two machines are not really comparable, lovers of traditional kayaking will appreciate this support of another style for its versatile qualities in expedition (field of action, stability, safety, load, not to mention the pleasures of gliding along).

The sailing trimaran kayak allows you to share a holiday with a person who would not dare to embark on a kayak for lack of experience or physical condition. From this point of view, the range of use is greater. The joys of the outdoors, bivouac and discovery at the water’s edge remain the same as in traditional kayaking although the two activities are of a different nature.