Whale Watching 2016, Tromsø, Sommarøy

Table des matières

Whale Watching onboard our polar yacht« Southern Star » : November, december 2016.


5 days trips onboard our polar yacht from November 2016.

A marine biologist specialist in marine mammels will hold 2 lectures onboard at the beginning and the end of the trip.

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Whale watching with Hobie Kayaks around Sommarøy : January 2016


Whale watching activity from a Hobie Kayak is over for the period January 2016. We start again in November 2016. You have to follow our website or Facebook page (69 Nord) to know the schedule according to the weather forecast



  1. Whale watching with Hobie Kayaks around Sommarøy.


    I will be staying in Sommaroy between 20-22 January 2016, and would like to enquire whether do you provide the Hobie Kayaks tour from Sommaroy? If yes, how do you charge?

    Look forward to hear from you. Thank you very much.


    1. Hi Fifi,

      Thanks for your inquiry.
      Price is 1600 nok https://69nord.com/en/our-activities/sailyak/whales-watching-sailing-kayak-trip/
      Trip is depending of the weather forecast
      All the best

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