Stavanger, January 27th : “on the tracks of Fram’s second expedition”.

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Stavanger, January 27th, 18h00.

Olivier Pitras presents a slide show about his Arctic campaign 2014 : “On the tracks of Fram’s second expedition”

Place : Subsea 7, Forussletta 9, Stavanger. Lecture in english, open to all.

Fram Museum, Fram second expedition, second winter harbor

I have already sailed twice in the northern parts of Baffin Bay, in 1999 and 2008, and each time the wish to push further North was a big temptation, but on both occasions I had to keep focussed on the expedition course through the North-West Passage.

Sail to see what is beyond the horizon is something very natural for a sailor man !

In 2014, the North of Baffin Bay will be our destination, following the thread of the Fram’s historic second expedition.

During the expedition, 69 Nord in partnership with the Fram Museum in Oslo will focus on the tremendous achievements of the Sverdrup crew. The modern expedition will try to get as close as possible to the four winter harbors of the Fram’s second expedition”.

Olivier Pitras, Sommarøy, December 2012

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