Hiking in Norway, Kvaløya Senja snowshoeing

From February 17 to 24 and from March 2 to 9 2024

Registration for this stay is validated by the payment of 40% deposit.
The balance is due 30 days before departure.

Pay a deposit 304 EUR Balance payment will be required on July 18, 2024

1 300 EUR

4,8 / 5
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In the heart of the fjords, gentle and accessible slopes

In the north of Norway, not far from Tromsø, the island of Kvaløya and the island of Senja offer a huge playground that is still little visited for those who want to take a trip to Norway to discover the fjords in winter. Snowshoeing through these wilderness is a fun activity that is quick to learn for those who have never practiced this discipline. The gentle and accessible valleys are followed by steep massifs that give an alpine dimension to the landscapes. The island of Kvaløya and the island of Senja are located directly on the coast and thus offer extremely varied panoramas of the mountains and fjords but also of the open sea. To the far reaches of the horizon, the immense view of the Norwegian Sea adds a majestic dimension to this alpine setting and further accentuates the exhilarating feeling of adventure, freedom and humility.

A base camp on the beach

For this trip to the heart of the Norwegian fjords, our base camp is located on a white sand beach. “Båthuset” is the name of our eco-lodge. It will quickly become the “Home Sweet Home” that is good to find again at the end of a snowshoe breakaway. It has everything you need to feel good. It is south-facing and offers a vast panorama of the north of Senja Island. The decoration, sober and neat, refers to the polar expeditions carried out by 69Nord. The rooms resemble boat cabins whose original dimensions have been respected to keep an energy sobriety more necessary than ever.

The magic of the Northern Lights

From mid-February onwards, the length of the days is more than enough for snowshoeing. Back at the lodge, the evenings by the fire are still long and are an opportunity to be able to observe the unique and fascinating spectacle of the Northern Lights. The city of Tromsø is particularly well placed on the Northern Lights viewing circle. We have a front-row seat. Auroral activity takes place all year round, but it requires darkness to observe and clear skies. From this point of view, our position on the coast is a considerable asset because the cloud cover, when there is any, evolves quickly and allows good observations in a wide range of weather conditions.

Reasonable temperatures at 69° north latitude

Thank you Gulf Stream!

Although we are located in the north of Norway, the sea does not freeze in winter. Temperatures remain around -5°C at sea level while we are at 69°38′ north latitude, 350 km north of the Arctic Circle. This unique climate is unique in the Arctic. Only the Norwegian coasts benefit from it, everywhere else, in winter, it is -350C at the same latitude and the sea is completely frozen. Even locally, it is enough to travel a few dozen kilometres inside the terrain to find a biting cold. These relatively mild temperature conditions on the coast allow you to enjoy magnificent snowshoe hikes without encountering extreme conditions.

We insure all aspects for a successful journey

The package includes not only a first-rate eco-lodge and the resources of a professional sport instructor, we also insure, point by point, all aspects for a successful journey. Leave the worry to us: we live in the area year round, we know local ways and customs, as well as the constraints imposed by the activities we organize. We undeniably bring a plus to the groups who come to us and fully trust our vigilance.

The price includes:
Supervision of snowshoeing hikes, snowshoes and poles, insurances specific to the activity, accommodation at the lodge.

The price does not include:
Air travel, meal preparation, personal insurance, repatriation, cancellation, cereal bars for the hike.

Note: We offer a free airport shuttle at 7pm for participants who arrive by plane after the departure of the last bus.
Please register by email
Find out more about how to get to us in Sommarøy

This stay is available in private mode.



For those arriving with their own transport or with the last bus from the airport, we look forward to meeting you on Friday at 6pm at our eco-lodge in Sommarøy. For others who arrive by plane after the last bus and have signed up for the free shuttle, we look forward to meeting you on Friday at 19:00 at the airport.

The snowshoeing program is built up as the week progresses. We deliberately do not offer a ready-made tour because 30 years of experience in the Arctic have taught us that there is no point in setting up a tour in advance. We analyse the situation every day in order to propose the best formula.

Day 0: Arrival in Sommarøy at 18:00 or 20:30 depending on the case, welcome at the lodge, check-in to the rooms and preparation of the evening meal. First evening on Sommarøy Island, with a bit of luck you will have the opportunity to observe the first Northern Lights.

D1 to D6: Departure on Saturday morning for the first hike. Snow doesn’t change into a day, so there’s no need to get up in the middle of the night. The first hike allows the guide to assess the level of the group on which the rest of the week’s program will depend.
Return to Sommarøy after 4-6 hours of hiking.
The guide builds the week’s program as you go along to offer you the best according to the weather conditions, the level of the group and its aspirations. The area in which we do the snowshoe hikes is huge. The choice of races is inexhaustible. The island of Kvaløya and the north of the island of Senja are still largely wild. It is good to stroll along the snow-covered slopes with the majestic view of the immense fjords, the mountains as far as the eye can see and the sea to infinity.
On Wednesday afternoon, the week comes to an end, the last evening in Båthuset.

Thursday morning after breakfast, departure to the airport by bus or free shuttle bus for those who need to be at the airport before the bus arrives.


Practical Information

How to reach us in Sommarøy?

Those who arrive by their own means: see Google Maps at the bottom of the page to locate us (by clicking on the address) 🙂

From Tromsø:

BUS: We recommend that you use public transport.
Tromsø / Sommarøy: The last bus departs from Tromsø Airport (Tromsø lufthavn) at 16:25 and from Tromsø city centre (prosteneset havnterminal Tromsø) at 16:15.
Sommarøy / Tromsø: For the return journey, the first bus departs from Sommarøy (Sommarøy baptistkirka) at 7:54 am and arrives at the airport at 9:27 am and the last bus leaves from Sommarøy at 1:52 pm and arrives at the airport at 3:52 pm. the bus stop “Sommarøy baptistkirka” is 50 meters away from our center. Tromsø / Sommarøy ticket price: 41 Nok (about 4€)
Search for timetables, enter “Tromsø Lufthavn” and “Sommarøy baptistkirka”

FREE SHUTTLE: For those who arrive by plane after the departure of the last bus and do not have their own transportation, we offer a free airport shuttle at 8pm. Please register by email on olivier@69nord.com

We are 50 km from Tromsø Airport. Only one rotation is possible on arrival on Friday afternoon and on departure on Thursday morning. We therefore recommend, as much as possible, not to plan to arrive after 8 p.m. on Friday and to leave before 11 a.m. on Thursday.
If you are unable to meet the recommended range, please let us know your flight schedule so that we can notify other participants of any change in the shuttle schedule.

From Senja:

FERRY: Departs from Botnhamn (Senja Island), arrives at Brensholmen (Kvaløya Island). Sommarøy is only 7 km from the Brensholmen Ferry Terminal.

Accommodation is in our eco-lodge “Båthuset” which will offer you all the comfort you need to start off on the right foot the next day towards new adventures.

Meals are prepared by the group, it’s a collective effort.
The lunch (picnic) for the hike is prepared the day before or in the morning before departure. We provide waterproof boxes so you can put it safely in your bag.
To save you a waste of time, we do the shopping before your arrival and provide the guide with a list of possible menus. On site, 200 meters from the lodge, a grocery store can allow you to buy additional personal provisions if needed (confectionery, dry cakes, chocolate, etc.)

220 volts, standard French plugs.
Supervision: The mountain guide is French, he is a professional sports educator used to the region.

This trip is for those who regularly walk on hilly terrain and who are in good physical shape so that they can walk 5 to 6 days in a row. It is not particularly necessary to have a good level of snowshoeing.
– Daily walking time: 4 to 6 hours
– Medium paces: uphill: 250 m/h, flat: 3.5 km/h, downhill: 300 m/h
– Average elevation gain: 500 to 900m / day.
– Distances covered: from 10 to 15 km / day.
Equipment provided: Snowshoes and poles. The snowshoes fit on all walking shoes. Strong and lightweight, they are adapted to the conditions encountered in northern Norway.

Personal equipment to bring in your luggage:
30/40 liter backpack on which you can attach snowshoes and poles
Waterproof walking shoes (laces in good condition or spare pair)
gaiters or trousers covering the opening of the shoe
mountain pants
Windproof fleece jacket
Windproof and waterproof soft shell
Warm gloves or skunks
silk gloves
Hood or cap
Fleece neck warmer
thermal underwear and tights (merino is a natural material that dries quickly and does not retain odors)
Warm socks
1 pair of slippers or light shoes to be comfortable once at the lodge
1 rechargeable headlamp or spare batteries.
Toiletry bag
Personal pharmacy
Sunglasses (side protection recommended)
Water bottle or camel bag
Pair of binoculars, always welcome to observe nature 🙂
Camera Stand (Northern Lights)
Swimsuit for the bravest

Dates & registrations 2024

Dates & registrations

From Friday February 21 19h to Thursday February 27 9h
From Friday February 28 19h to Thursday March 6 9h
From Friday February 7 19h to Thursday March 13 9h
From Friday February 14 19h to Thursday March 20 9h

Availibility : 8 pers


You can register on this page (payment by card or bank transfer) or by e-mail (payment by bank transfer only)

Online registration:
1- Choose on the calendar the date corresponding to the first day of the stay on which you wish to register
2- click on “I register” and follow the instructions
3- 40% deposit is taken to validate your registration.
4- A “pending payment” balance sheet will then be stored in your customer account and must be paid no later than one month before the start of the activity. You will receive an email for each of the important steps of registration.

Email registration:
to olivier@69nord.com
Please put the stay, the dates, your surnames, first names and those of other people you wish to register with you, mobile phone(s).

Keep in mind that behind the screen there are humans! In case of technical difficulty or other question do not hesitate to contact.
Thank you for your trust and welcome on board 🙂

Travel guide

Travel guide

In this tab you will find general information to help you prepare for your trip to Norway.

For those arriving by plane, the destination airport is Tromsø Langnes, the last stop before taking the road to Sommarøy.

Not all flights pass through Oslo, some are even direct to Tromsø from abroad
The two Norwegian airlines are SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) and Norwegian.

If you are transiting through Oslo and are not on an SAS or Norwegian flight, you must collect your baggage and re-check it before boarding the domestic flight.

Plan for at least one hour of transit regardless of the stopover airports.

Keep your essentials, or even something to do the first hike with you in the cabin to anticipate a possible baggage delay.

It is not necessary to bring change before departure, credit card is accepted everywhere. If you want cash, ATMs are available at Oslo airport

The standard weight of checked baggage is 23 kgs.

A soft or semi-soft bag usually travels better than suitcases that are put to the test during the trip.

We provide snowshoes so as not to clutter your luggage during the trip.

The snowshoe routes are decided by the guide each day, usually the day before, so that everyone can participate in the decision-making process and get an overview of the next day’s race.

The difference in altitude has little influence on the breath because the hike usually starts from sea level or almost at sea level.

The safety rules to be followed during the snowshoe hike will be given by the guide at the beginning of the races and may evolve during the day depending on the conditions encountered.

The period we have chosen for this snowshoe hiking trip allows us to observe the Northern Lights. Photography enthusiasts can come with a stand for the camera as the pause time is usually several seconds. Don’t forget spare batteries because of the cold.


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